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SmartJobs Job Management

SmartJobs job management is designed for building companies and any other companies that need to manage staff and/or subcontractors.

Designed for all

Whether you are a small business, or a large corporate company, if you use subcontractors or need to manage work, SmartJobs is for you.

Time saver

SmartJobs saves you valuable time by reducing unneccesary phone calls and travel time to make sure your jobs are done right.

Cloud based

SmartJobs keeps everything in the cloud, so you can access everything anytime, such as photos, documents, and any job details.


We have designed SmartJobs to be mobile friendly, across Apple and Android systems.

Always improving

We are constantly improving SmartJobs to make it easier and faster for you to manage your staff and contractors, as well as making it easier for on-site workers to finish their SmartJobs tasks quicker.

Conflict prevention

Upload photos when a job is done. Your clients can see you've done the job correctly and on time.

SmartJobs Site Management

SmartJobs Site Management allows for contactless sign in for your site workers and visitors.
Suitable for construction sites, offices, showrooms or anywhere that requires guest registration.

No app needed for workers / visitors

Scan the QR code to sign in/out once and your worker's details will be remembered for all your other sites when they sign in.

Generate your own QR codes

You can generate and print your own QR codes to add to your existing site boards or print from our pre-made sign in poster.

Email alerts

Your site manager can receive (optional) email alerts when workers sign in and out.

Cloud based

Your site register is available for you to access at any time.

Try it out!

Scan the QR code to the right and to see an example of the sign in page and see how easy it is.

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Site Management

  • Desgined to manage site sign in/out to meet H&S requirements
  • Create and manage Toolbox Meetings for your workers and subcontractors all from your smartphone.
  • Create your own QR code to display on each site and allow everyone to sign-in using their own smartphone
  • Easy to use App for site managers to see who is on site

Job and Site Management

  • Designed for businesses that assigns different jobs to its internal staff as well as external subcontrators
  • Create and manage all your jobs on the computer as well as on the App.
  • Manage own jobs as well as jobs from other businesses who is using Smartjobs all from one single login
  • Full site management features available on all Job management plans.


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